Is Online Computer Repair Safe?

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Is Online Computer Repair Safe?

How Does Online Computer Repair Work?

Online computer repair service is a perfect solution for fast, affordable computer help. A remote computer repair technician uses a one time use code to remotely log on your computer for live technical support & other services.


Lower overhead costs make remote computer help less expensive and it provides faster access to a PC tech than a local computer repair store, or onsite service call.

Despite the cost & convenience, you maybe hesitant to let a stranger connect to your computer and access personal information & important files. It’s a reasonable fear.

Is Remote Computer Repair Really Safe?

Yes and no. The sheer number of online computer repair scams have simply destroyed the reputation of the industry, and it’s very frustrating.

Not only is remote computer repair safe – remote support is also INCREDIBLY helpful… when it’s provided by a reputable computer repair company. So…

How Do You Know If A Computer Repair Company Is Legitimate?

It helps to know the common scams.

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1.      NEVER, EVER call a phone number that pops up on your computer screen. If a pop up appears – usually claiming to be from Microsoft, and often accompanied by a loud warning from your speaker:

“Warning your computer is infected do not close this window call this number.”

DON’T CALL THIS NUMBER! If you can’t close the popup or stop the recording, press & hold the power button until your PC turns off, then call a trusted computer services company to remove the virus pop up.

2.      Scammers send emails pretending to be Microsoft. They’ll insist your PC’s infected, passwords are compromised – anything to scare you into calling the phone number they provide.

DON’T CALL THIS NUMBER! Delete the email and call a trusted computer repair provider to run an antivirus scan on your files.

3.      Scammers pretending to be Microsoft will call on the phone claiming you have a problem with Windows. They’ll insist you let them log in to fix it remotely.

DON’T DO IT! Real Microsoft NEVER calls. Hang up immediately (or yell at them a bunch, then hang up).

How To Find The Best Online Computer Repair Company

Many customers call Geek Squad because of their brand recognition. While not as bad as the scammers, I’d still advise against it.

They use unqualified PC techs, and the whole store overcharges for products & services. Worse, Geek Squad PC technicians install crapware software on the computer desktop of every machine they work on.

How Do I Find An Online Computer Repair Company I Can Trust?

    1. Search Google “computer repair near me”.
    2. Find ones with positive online customer reviews.
    3. Visit their websites. Make sure there aren’t spelling/grammar errors, pop ups or animated ads, and that they include a local phone number & email address in their web design.
    4. Check their social media for negative comments.
    5. Call to ask about their remote support process.

Ask questions! If they’re rude or seem annoyed by your questions, hang up & move on to someone friendly & knowledgeable who gives good vibes.

6. Ensure their online computer repair prices fit your budget.

7. Payment should always come AFTER repairs; Never provide credit card information in advance. If they require this, move on.

Find a PC technician you trust to service your computer remotely, and work with them. If they do a good job, make them your exclusive computer repair company and don’t let anyone else remotely connect to your computer.

Why Should I Choose Online Computer Repair?

Most normal computer repair services can be performed by an online computer repair technician. Exceptions include actual physical repair, configuring routers, modems and other devices. A remote computer support technician can provide online services:

  • Computer Tune-Ups

  • Pop Up Removal

  • Software Errors

  • Problems With Microsoft Word

  • Problems With Microsoft Outlook

  • System Error Message Pop Ups

  • Remove Viruses & Malware

  • Remove Spyware & Bloatware

  • Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

  • Downloading Software

  • Full System Scans

  • Computer Optimization Tune Up

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Are There Limitations To Online Computer Repair Services?

Yes. Remote support is useless for broken computers, network problems & services like:

  • Hard Drive Upgrades
  • Data Recovery Services
  • Hardware Diagnostics
  • Cracked Laptop Screen
  • Hardware Evaluation
  • No, Or Slow Internet Service
  • Internet/WiFi Problems

Does Geeks On Command Provide Safe Online Computer Repair?

We offer safe, no-contact PC tech support & affordable online remote computer repair services & support with 5 star Google reviews, a “No Fix – No Fee Guarantee”, and a no up front credit card policy.

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We work with all hardware, brands & operating systems: Dell, HP, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, Microsoft Windows, MAC OS (Apple devices), ChromeBook (Chrome OS), Windows 7 – Windows 10 & Windows 11.

Online live technical support includes: online virus removal, computer security, identity theft protection, computer tune ups to speed up your computer & computer training.

We don’t offer free diagnostics or a free evaluation, but we’ll fix your computer faster than cheap remote computer repair places. A free computer diagnosis often finds “computer problems” to fix that don’t require fixing, so their “low price” will actually cost more.

How Much Does A Computer Repairman Cost?

Online computer repair prices vary from business to business. Geeks On Command charges $75 p/hour. Our remote computer repair prices are far less expensive than Geek Squad prices.

How Much Does The Geek Squad Cost?

Geek Squad pricing is “per service”. Geek Squad prices range from $39 – $149. They start with a mandatory $149 computer diagnostic, then tack on additional services. Virus removal service? $149 Windows Update? $39. Software Install? $39. It adds up quickly. The average Geek Squad computer repair costs over $300. Ours? $125.

Contact us for remote computer repair online support PC help. We’re not open 24/7, but online PC repair with live tech can usually be arranged within 24 hours.

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