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Website Marketing

A good website is the backbone of many small businesses. Website marketing helps transform a website into an income generator for your business.

Geeks On Command has years of experience helping small businesses reach their target customers, and boost sales. Call now to discuss your business goals, and see if we’re a good match for your website marketing needs.

What Is Website Marketing?

Website marketing helps increase traffic to your website so that it can easily be found by potential customers. Additionally, website marketing helps visitors to have a positive experience on your website, increasing the odds of converting visitors into customers.

There are 3 primary elements of website marketing for small business:

Web Design: Website marketing companies should employ an in-house web design professional with an in-depth understanding of responsive UX web design, conversion rate optimization, and graphic design services.

SEO Strategy: SEO strategy (search engine optimization) is the process of strategically modifying a website (as well as any off-page assets like citations, backlinks, etc.) to increase its rankings in search engine results pages. The ultimate goal is to get your webpage ranking on the first page of Google search results for search queries related to your most profitable products or services. Local SEO services (aka local online marketing) boost rankings in a specific city, and organic SEO services boost rankings nationwide. Website marketing companies should have an in-house SEO strategist (or at least have access to professional SEO consulting services) to create a custom SEO marketing strategy for each client.

Content Marketing Team: Content marketing strategy entails regularly creating new online content that is useful or otherwise appreciated by your target demographic. This can be new blog posts on your website, videos for, Infographics or other images for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, newsletters or other email blasts, or posts for your Google Business Profile GBP (formerly GMB or Google My Business page). A professional website marketing group should have an in-house writer/graphic designer with experience in keyword research, and creating engaging content marketing strategies.

Website Marketing: How to Promote Your Site Online 2023

Can I Do My Own Website Marketing?

As a small business owner, you’re likely an expert in your field. Unless your field is marketing, however, it can be difficult to regularly attract new customers.

Sure, you could spend your down time (hah!) studying current marketing trends, and learning to use (and pay for) complicated marketing software.

Sure, most business owners are smart enough to create a website marketing strategy, then monitor, test and update the ongoing marketing campaign themselves… but it’s probably not the most efficient use of their time and resources.

It’s also likely that many of the local small businesses you compete with employ professional website marketing companies to keep help them ahead. To take the lead, it just makes sense to hire the best website marketing agency you can afford. An experienced website marketing expert will boost website traffic, increase conversion rates, and build brand recognition.

How To Choose A Website Marketing Company For Small Business Marketing Efforts

After an initial consultation, a website marketing firm should analyze your website, industry, location, target audience, products, services, profit margins, marketing goals, and competitors. Using this information, they should prepare an SEO audit (aka marketing audit) that shows the weaknesses in your current marketing efforts, as well as a custom website marketing strategy that they propose as a solution.

This plan should include keyword research and analysis to determine the most effective ways to improve your website’s search engine optimization. A website marketing agency should also deeply understand local SEO, and have a data-driven approach which involves tracking your competitors’ rankings and key performance indicators (KPIs) such as backlinks, domain authority, and estimated traffic. The use of SEO reports to improve SERP results from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo & AOL is crucial to any successful marketing strategy.

Generally speaking, the longer a company has been in business, the better. That said, even more important than proven experience are proven results. Make sure you get examples of their past work before you make a decision.

Additionally, make sure you feel completely comfortable talking with whomever will be working with you and your company. Website marketing is a partnership between businesses. If you can’t easily communicate your ideas and goals, or if you can’t easily understand their plans, this is a huge red flag. Without mutual understanding, your marketing efforts will likely fail to meet your marketing goals.

Be sure the marketing company respects your budget, and check all the online reviews the internet marketing agency has received. You may also want to look for companies with Bing or Google certification.

Make sure that your website marketing team offers ongoing support, and a clear process of communication. A professional website marketer should be able to provide you with personalized marketing strategies that you can understand (at least on a basic level), and achieve measurable results.

It’s also important, when deciding which internet marketing agency to hire, to consider what services they offer, and how they fit into your company’s needs.

Full Service Marketing Agencies:

A full-service marketing agency offers many different marketing options, such as organic SEO, Local SEO, PPC ads (pay-per-click advertising), social media marketing, SEO consulting services, email marketing, and content marketing. This can be great, because it’s a one-stop-shop. They’ll be able to craft a custom website marketing strategy by blending many different marketing strategies into one. The downside is, this can often stretch resources thin and is often best for high-budget marketing campaigns.

Boutique Marketing Companies:

Smaller, boutique marketing companies will instead often focus on one particular marketing aspect, such as hyper-specializing in local online marketing, Google Ads, or SEO for online stores. Despite the lack of variety, for most small businesses this allows for a more affordable, yet highly-focused and effective marketing campaign.

The Best Marketing Strategies To Win Prospective Customers

The more you know about your target audience, the better your marketing agency will be able to speak to your target demographic. The more you know about your target audience, the better your website marketing agency will be able to reach them with an effective value proposition. Your website marketing group will implement the best techniques for your website, using on-page optimization and off-page optimization strategies to achieve higher rankings. The SEO team will also use SEO tools and methods, such as link building and guest posting, to ensure your website is seen by your target audience. After implementing the plan, you can monitor its progress on a dashboard and make adjustments as needed.

How Much Does Website Marketing Cost?

The average small business with one location spends about $1,000 – 2, 000 on website marketing efforts each month. This cost is highly-variable, based on the number of competitors, your competitor’s marketing budgets, your location, product(s) &/or service(s), and your target audience. Because it is so specific, we offer a free consultation to discuss your business and your marketing goals, after which we’ll review and research marketing opportunities to estimate the budget that would be required to beat your competition in Google search results.

The best website marketing companies are always transparent in their pricing and processes, but be cautious if an agency offers you an unrealistically low quote. This often leads to ineffectual, template-based marketing – or points to hidden costs or hidden fees. If your budget is less than $500, you’re usually better off using paid advertising options instead, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Instagram Ads.

Web Design Services

A good website is a crucial component to marketing success, and is often your business’s first impression to new visitors. A professional web design company can help rank your website ahead of the competition by incorporating customer-centric, responsive, mobile-friendly, UX design into your website. An effective website design will generate more leads and conversions, raise your website’s search engine visibility, and improve its user experience. It’s essential that your website serves its primary function: to attract customers and convert them into paying clients.

Content Marketing Agency

Content marketing services include content creation and strategy, as well as tools for measuring results. A content marketing agency will conduct competitive analysis to determine the most effective content strategies for your website. Content can range from blogs and social media posts to press releases, infographics, and video. It all depends on the specific needs of your business and its audience.

A content marketing agency will write and post informational content that answers questions and establishes expertise in the industry. Their writers have a wide range of experience and will create valuable content that matches the core values of your business and your customers’ individual needs. Unlike traditional marketing tactics, this type of content will set you apart from your competitors and create an engaged audience. However, you must be careful when choosing a content marketing agency.

If you aren’t sure whether a content marketing agency can help you achieve your goals, consider talking to some of their previous clients. This can give you a good idea of how they work. You should ask for case studies, statistics on results, and examples of their work. If the agency does not have any testimonials, consider hiring another company. That way, you’ll know for sure whether or not the agency is the right choice for you.