Famous people from Boulder, Colorado

an aerial view of a city with mountains in the background.
an aerial view of a city with mountains in the background.

Famous people from Boulder, Colorado

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Oswald Lehnert II

Internationally acclaimed violinist Oswald Lehnert was awarded professor emeritus from the University of Colorado after a 40 year career as professor at the Universities College of Music. In addition to his teaching duties, he has been Conductor and Music Director of the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra and Boulder Chamber Orchestra for 24 Seasons. Under Maestro Lehnert’s baton, the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra grew into a nationally recognized orchestra. Read More About Oswald Lehnert II

John Carroll Lynch

There are many famous people from Boulder, Colorado. John Carroll Lynch is another. Born and raised in Boulder, he developed a passion for theater at an early age. He pursued his studies in that direction. He received his B.A.F. from the Hartke Theatre Acting program. Once his studies were completed, he devoted himself exclusively to performing on stage. He interpreted many classics, such as Chekhov and Shakespeare.

The turning point in his career:

John Carroll Lynch has a few anecdotal appearances in TV series and movies. After that, he attracted critical attention in 1996. He played the role of Frances McDormand’s shy husband in Joel and Ethan Coen’s thriller Fargo. That same year marked a real turning point in his career. He appeared:

  • In the dramatic comedy Feeling Minnesota alongside Cameron Diaz and Keanu Reeves
  • In the romantic comedy Beautiful Girls by Ted Demme
  • In the sports thriller The Fan by Tony Scott with Robert De Niro and Wesley Snipes
  • In one year, John Carroll Lynch proved that he could juggle with the genres. He can shoot in front of the camera of the most renowned cinema personalities.

Between small and large screen:

It’ s the small screen that will make him known to the general public. Especially thanks to his role as a transvestite in the sitcom The Drew Carey Show. He plays it between 1997 and 2006 in no less than 72 episodes. He follows with another series, The Caravan of the strange. John Carroll Lynch does not become a television actor. His career isA a perpetual back and forth between small and large screen. Although we can notice some appearances in the series Close to Home, it’s in the cinema that he will find his most interesting roles. Indeed, his background in theater makes him a talented and demanding actor. This allows him to forge a career that shines through its variety. Even if it never offers him the best opportunities.

More and more important roles:

The actor has many talents. He can follow a childish comedy (Full of It) with David Fincher’s thriller Zodiac. He personally called him to audition. He can immerse himself in the Eastwoodian drama Gran Torino. Then, you will find him alongside Jennifer Aniston in the romantic comedy Love Happens. He took part in the comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) with the now inescapable Steve Carell. He can also help Leonardo DiCaprio unravel the mystery of Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island while greeting Paul’s crazy alien. He joined the very prestigious cast of Lay the Favorite, Take the Dog, including:

Bruce Willis
Catherine Zeta Jones
Catherine Zeta Jones

The actor is hyperactive and is gaining in importance. Directors do not hesitate to call on him for more and more important roles.

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